Women's history month moments

Sundays, March 3, 10, 17 & 24

March 3 - Rachel "Rae" Jordan and The Crown Act

March 10 - Misty Copeland and Breaking Barriers

March 17 - Princess Hagar and Mahalia Jackson

March 24 - Angela Davis and Central UMC Women

Women's History Month Graphic

natural woman

Rachel "Rae" Jordan, actor, talks of her experience as a Black child with natural hair in both predominantly white and Black education settings.  Rae is featured in the short film, "Feelin' Good," which highlights the beautiful diversity of Black women's natural hair in recognition of The Crown Act. The film was sponsored by Dove and set to the music of Nina Simone's popular recording "Feeling Good."

Meet Rae Jordan | Actress and Brand Developer


Breaking Barriers

Along with film footage and narration by Sheila Powell, this short video highlights the life and dance of Misty Copeland who became the first Black female principal ballet dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. Misty is a vocal advocate for the recognition and inclusion of Black ballet dancers in major dance companies.


Princess Hagar and Mahalia Jackson were highlighted by Bonita Swain and Cynthia Diane Wyatt, respectively.  Hagar, mother of Ishmael, is considered to be the mother of the 12 tribes of Ishmael and the Hagrites and is a revered woman in the Islamic faith. She is the only recorded person in the Bible who gives God a name.  Mahalia Jackson, the Queen of Gospel, spoke to the soul of a nation during the Civil Rights Movement, and she served as a close advisor to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Princess Hagar - The Forgotten Matriarch

The Mahalia Jackson Documentary

black revolutionary

A reading of an excerpt of the 1974 autobiography of Angela Davis and a clip of her 1972 interview with Rev. Cecil Williams was how Pamela Perkins Carn presented Ms. Davis for the Women's History Month moment.  In the video excerpt, Ms. Davis identifies the ingrained racism in America's criminal legal system and amplifies the critical necessity for justice reform.  Min. Julie Gordon wraps up Women's History Month with a recognition of the Women of Central and their influence and impact in our families and our unique surrounding community.

Rev. Cecil Williams interviews Angela Davis on Vibrations for a New People

Angela Davis an Autobiography (edited byToni Morrison, 1974)