God is with us!  Psalm 46:8-11 -  Be still and know that I am God.

God's grace and mercy!  John 8:6-11 - If God can forgive me, God can forgive them.


Special Wednesday Wellness - 3Practices Circle

God Chooses:  Expect God to choose beyond our understanding


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast.


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast.

How serious are we about the love of God in Christ Jesus?


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast.

Your Life IS IMPORTANT! Do not believe Black Life is Unimportant -- Declare the importance of the lives society tries to demean.
Learning to Love is a process and a practice.
Get Wisdom.  Acquistion drives our society. This is acquisition our world needs: insight and wisdom.
Love Past the Threats:  Some Will Talk Tough. They Do Not Win!
Beyond Shame:  The late Pastor Angeline Jones Simmons declared Judas was a GOOD man who had a BAD day.
Brightness Expected:  Because of the Empty Tomb, Faith Anticipates the Good, Better, and Best


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast.

Best of Wednesday Wellness:  In Conversation with Rev. Dr. James Lawson
Best of Wednesday Wellness:  In Conversation with Rev. Dr. Earle Fisher (on CUMC YouTube channel)


Best of Wednesday Wellness:  Theology and Therapy - Ross, Tune and Tinsley (CUMC YouTube channel)
Best of Wednesday Wellness:  What It Means to Breathe: An Interview with Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross by Rev. Dr. Melissa Sexton

Best of Wednesday Wellness:  How to Pray -- Together in Prayer:  Moving beyond Our Comfort Zones

Best of Wednesday Wellness:  Remembering Our Priorities:  Making Disciples, Transforming Lives

Best of Wednesday Wellness:  I’m Black. I’m Christian. I’m Methodist. 
Developing (and Living Out) a Practical Theology (and Ministry) of Black Love with Dr. Jawanza Eric Clark and Dr. Earle Fisher


To be live-streamed.