Psalm 37:1-4  "We are back"

Galatians 5:22 "The Fruit of the Spirit"

Fruit of the Spirit:  Gentleness

I have Jesus-driven joy!

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Patience Of God's Not Our Own
We need divinely bequethed patience.

Goodness is GOOD!
In a world crazed about bad, still be good!

Kindness: Needs met in love without malice

Live Life Liberated Unto Abundance: Life is not for oppression and hate. It is for freedom and love.


To be broadcast on Facebook


To be broadcast on Facebook


To be broadcast on Facebook

Isaiah 40:28-31 Live upon release from Facebook jail!

Re-broadcast of Spiritual/Mental Health Wellness during the Holiday Season (from 12/2020)

Merry Christmas! Let's Love for Christmas!

A Love Of Life
Our conversations and behaviors must become loving— or we shall have more premature death.

Love While We Have Time
Our time is limited. Use it well.

Minds and Hearts Can Change (And they MUST!)
Acts of Violence Begin in Attitudes and Conceptions

What is God saying?

Love: Be intentional or find hate creeping in

Revival: How about REPENTANCE? Where revival happens, that is real, repentance results.

Hold On: Don't Give up. Don't Give In. Trust God to show up.

An in-depth conversation wtih Rev. Dr. James Lawson

Love as We Don't Have Long
Love Each Other

Let's Get Together for Life
Unity is not easy. It can be done.

Start the Sanity; Don't Just Stop the Madness -- We must decide the shooting and killing will end.


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast during Holy Week. Check out previous broadcasts that you may have missed. Blessings!

Trusting God's Will to Prevail - Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are bad. Resurrection Sunday does not wipe them away, it overcomes them.

We Can If We Will
Death and Destruction can Stop. We must choose to do so.


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast today! Check out previous broadcasts that you may have missed. Blessings!

People of Hope In Days that Could Be Despairing--We hope, even in times of craziness.

Speak Up And Act Up for Our Lives
Others May Not. Under God, We MUST!

Those You Love, Tell Them Now
We have time on this earth, but only some. All of us have time limits.

Matthew 5:4 In Grief, We Can Yet Meet God Anew--The causes of grief are many. Overcoming it comes by and through divinity.

Season Finale: Be Who You Claim, Who You are
The Temptation is to Do As All. Nope. Be You!.

love u!

Blessings for a joyful summer! Back in August!