Wednesday Wellness Messages

The gift does not exempt us from grief. Get some joy in your life!

Putting away abuse. God is our refuge and strength and gives us the love, faith and grace to speak out.

Matthew 25:31-40, Resist evil, injustice and oppression in every form. It's time to make a change!

Psalm 27, We shall see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living.

Isaiah 40:8-10, As a people, we will live through this.

Acts 26:19-22, Yes Is Good. It's not easy. It's just right.

I Corinthians 13:1-13, Love.


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast today! Check out previous broadcasts that you may have missed. Blessings!

Leviticus 19:3 "It's Mama's Day!"

Matthew 16:26, Soul Tending: What will we pay for our eternal souls?

Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 1:17; Luke 11:42, Brunswick and Justice


No Wednesday Wellness broadcast today! Check out previous broadcasts that you may have missed. Blessings!

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.


Matthew 5:9; John 13:34; "Peace at Advent with Its Joy! Seeking Beyond the Absence of Tension"

Luke 1:19 Good has an alternative.

Christmas Is about Love and I am not tired of love!

Psalm 46:1 Mama True Day: Legacy

Psalm 27 Keep Moving as God is with us no matter what!

Isaiah 43:2 Storms And Beyond Them!

Matthew 17:14-16 When It Gets Too Hard, and for Many, It Does

Love and Living It. A Challenge to Vitriol and Venom
Love Time

Grace (Unmerited Favor) Grateful for it...Distinguishing it.

Love Begins in Knowing You are Loved, thus Able to Love.

We Shall Overcome. These days remain challenging. We do not give up. We trust God.

Your Life is Significant -- Know God made you a special being and even without doing, you are special.

Center in Christ for Peace

Luke 10:27 The Real Praise of God

Dignity, Grace and Class: Honoring God and the God Within -- Our dualistic behavior finds us in duels. Many are more injurious than the unfortunate Oscars.

Life is Sacred

Romans 8:38-39 "God Loves Us" Wednesday Wellness LIVE from the sanctuary of Central UMC

Where is the Love?

Joy: Live With a Sense of Happiness that Cannot Be Stolen

Get Up and Walk into Life, Freedom and Justice

A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Earle J. Fisher, author of "The Rev. Albert Cleage , Jr. and the Black Prophetic Tradition"

Danger abounds. Hope Still Lives

Be well!

See you in September. Until then, keep the faith.